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Awesome Summer Reading Lists!!

Boost your summer reading this summer by challenging yourself to read several books to completion. Try setting yourself goals and aim to complete reading at least three to five books. You can also set a summer reading challenge for your friends and share reviews about what you have read. is a great literary social media platform that engages readers in the exchange of book reviews and recommendations. You can start an account (age restrictions may apply, so get a parent or teacher to help you if you are below the required age) and invite friends and family. There are several advantages to reading including:

  • Building the habit of engaged reading will help improve your test scores and courses in high school. Many rigorous academic courses in college require strong reading skills and the ability to absorb and synthesize copious amounts of reading material.

  • Colleges and universities value students who go out of their way to read books about topics that interest them. Some colleges will ask about your past reading.

  • Reading makes us more informed and builds perspectives and empathy.

  • Interviews - Some colleges that recommend or require an interview, may ask about the last book you read or your favorite book. Students don't want to stumble here and must be able to come up with a title easily (and not a book from middle school please!)

  • Research has shown that reading can reduce stress and is a good form of relaxation.

Here are a few good reading lists for high school students. This section will be updated periodically. Please check back often.

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